20th AnnualScottish Masters Athletics

Heavy Events WorldChampionships

4 June 2020, Thursday, 9:00 AM till 7 June 2020, Sunday, 7:00 PM Competition Venue:
The Gleneagle Hotel
Muckross Road, Killarney Ireland

7 Traditional Events, Age Group Awards for Athletes over 40 years of age
Hosted by Scottish Masters Athletics International, NFP

Registered athletes will be ranked during January 2020 and the top qualifiers placed on the Start List or Standby List during February 2020.

Critical Planning Dates

Athlete Application Begins;
Primary Start List and Standby List posted;
Non-Refundable Deadline (last chance to withdraw and recieve a refund);
Confirm Athlete Entry for Final Start List;
Final Start List posted on ScottishMasters.org website

Tentative Event Schedule

June 4, 2020 Thursday - 9:00 AM
Kilted Golf, Meet & Greet, Weighins
June 5, 2020 Friday - 9:00 AM
Competition for age groups 60+ and Lightweights
June 6, 2020 Saturday - 9:00 AM
Competition for age groups 50-59
June 7, 2020 Sunday - 9:00 AM
Competition for age groups 40-49

Qualifying Requirements

QUALIFYING DISTANCES - View qualifying distances here

Entries must qualify by demonstrating throwing performances in comparison with these age group based Qualifying Distances. 

Entries must meet or exceed the appropriate Heavy OR Light weight in each these 3 throws.
(Men's and Women's weights in pounds)

    Heavy or Light - 22lb, or 16lb,  or 12lb
    Heavy or Light - 42lb, 28lb, 21lb, or 14lb
    Heavy or Light - 22lb, 16lb, 13lb, or 9lb

Previous Scottish Masters Athletics Champions and all athletes over 65 years of age are excluded from this qualifying criteria.

Recently means within the last year or throwing season (2019).


Hotel Information

Host Hotels

The Gleneagle Hotel & Apartments

Address: Muckross Road, Killarney Ireland
Phone: +353 064 66 36000

Room Types & Rates: 4 nights (Thursday - Sunday inclusive)

  • 549.00 for twin or double room B&B
  • 509.00 for single room B&B
  • 709.00 for triple room (3 beds) B&B
  • 650.00 for 2BR apartment (add 15.00 per night for breakfast, if required)
  • all prices in euros

Booking Code: MWC2020


Start List

Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Jason Baines Canada xl
2 Zechariah Whittington California xl
3 Charles Fay Florida 2xl
4 Jimmy Van de Walle Belgium 3xl
5 Danny Frame Canada 3xl
6 Andrew Hobson Iowa 3xl
7 Sean Smith California 2xl
8 Jon O'Neil California 3xl
9 Martin Shiller Austria 2xl
10 Tyson Trias Florida 2xl
11 John Odden Oregon L
12 Sebastiaan Huijs Netherlands 2xl
13 Jack Coleman Texas 2xl
14 Tom Missotten Belgium 2xl
15 Michael Horn Germany 2xl
16 Rick Simmons California 2xl
17 Johnnie Stone Colorado XL
18 Chad Clinefelter North Carolina 3xl
19 Joe Hansen Utah 3xl
20 TJ Watkins
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Michael Dickens Texas 2xl
2 Jonathan Irvin Oklahoma L
3 Lance Holland-Keen Australia 3xl
4 Marc Bevins Georgia XL
5 Kornelis Smit Netherlands 3xl
6 Mark Jaros Illinois xl
7 Scott Blackburn Ohio 2xl
8 Robb Clardy Texas 3xl
9 Ben Meeker California xl
10 Wilfred van Est Netherlands 4xl
11 Mark Zimmermann Germany 2xl
12 Bill Baxter Florida 3xl
13 Les Wallace Washington xl
14 Nickolas McLaren Illinois 2xl
15 Bart Budenaers Belgium xl
16 Johan Carlens Belgium xl
17 Terry Cunningham South Carolina 3xl
18 Kyle Boydstun Colorado 2xl
19 Jeroen Putzeys Belgium
20 Josh Grace California
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Trevor McMurray Virginia 3xl
2 Steven Schemstad Washington 2xl
3 George Mclaren Illinois xl
4 Andreas Deuschle Germany 3xl
5 Uli Muller Germany 4xl
6 久保田 謙吾  Japan 2xl
7 Franz Ritter Switzerland 3xl
8 Doug Berry Texas xl
9 Markus Komischke Germany 3xl
10 Geir Standal Norway 3xl
11 Dirk van't Zelfden Netherlands 3xl
12 Dan Carver Nebraska 2xl
13 Manfred Muehlenhaus Germany 3xl
14 Tom Slattery South Dakota 2xl
15 Dirk Mertins Germany 2xl
16 Robert Katzenbeisser Austria xl
17 John Micka Mississippi 3xl
18 Dale Green Maryland 2xl
19 Uwe Manfred Schmidt Germany 2xl
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Bill Stillwell California 2xl
2 Dwayne Fowler Texas 2xl
3 Thom Van Vleck Missouri xl
4 Alf Grasnick Switzerland xl
5 Jurgen Stickelbrock Germany 2xl
6 Tim Thoma Minnesota 2xl
7 Douglas Ballard Indiana xl
8 Mike Sinclair California 2xl
9 Jay Linzy California 2xl
10 Francois Baeriswyl Switzerland 3xl
11 Richard Campbell California xl
12 Jim Dougherty Texas 2xl
13 Jay O'Neill Washington 2xl
14 Lee MacKinnon Canada 2xl
15 Eric Harmon Tennessee 2xl
16 Joe Fogler Virginia xl
17 Wolfgang Hiller Germany xl
18 Jay Krick Texas 3xl
19 Craig Smith Colorado xl
20 David Turnbull Florida 2xl
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Kevin Youngberg Florida 2xl
2 Hans Dorow Germany 2xl
3 Mark MacDonald Scotland 3xl
4 Brian Andrews Florida xl
5 Frank Helme Colorado XL
6 Duncan Steward England XL
7 Kenneth Davis California 2xl
8 Michael Watson Pennsylvania 3xl
9 Nathan Lindeburg Colorado 2xl
10 David Andrews Florida 2xl
11 Francis Cousins Scotland 2xl
12 Al Stagner Colorado 3xl
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Mark Buchanan Colorado 2xl
2 Chuck Livingston New York 2xl
3 Larry Sisseck California 2xl
4 Mark Kreafle Florida 2xl
5 Gordon Willard Florida xl
6 Lee Fugal Utah 2xl
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Hanshugo Suerth Germany 2xl
2 Kent Durso Tennessee xl
3 Wayne Staggs Colorado xl
4 Victor McMullan Illinois xl
5 Kenneth Beck Washington 2xl
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Frank Carl California 2xl
2 Ian Miller England xl
3 Bernie Welch Colorado xl
4 Bill Rogers Illinois L
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Jeremy Irvin Oklahoma L
2 Ian Ross Scotland L
3 Tedd Van Vleck Texas L
4 Petrus Sundevall Sweden L
5 Scott Verbus Ohio L
6 Dominik Mader Switzerland L
7 Torsten Hulsemann Germany L
8 David Marble Virginia L
9 Greg Martz Virginia L
10 Jason Countryman Illinois L
11 Lukas Prettenhaler Austria L
12 Kenneth Korcak Florida XL
13 Falk Pilz Germany XL
14 Dale Andrew Canada L
15 Randall Adkison Florida L
16 Wim Vandenbroucke Belgium L
17 Mark Howe Florida XL
18 Harry Hancock Scotland L
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Christopher Nickell Illinois xl
2 Stacy Green Texas L
3 Brian Harrold Scotland L
4 Bernd Wolf Germany XL
5 Joel Caithamer Kentucky L
6 David Darnell Florida L
7 Detlef Mierig Germany L
8 Michael Mulliniks New Mexico XL
9 Kirk Taylor California XL
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Sylvana Bomholt Germany XL
2 Thora Thorsteindottir Iceland XL
3 Denise Ryan Arizona L
4 Heather Payne Oregon L
5 Stacey Snow Florida xl
6 Christine O'Connell Massachusetts XL
7 Jennifer Taylor California xl
8 Bethany Owen California xl
9 Melissa Griffith Minnesota 2xl
10 Erin Helms New York L
11 Francine Simms-Goodman Ohio XL
12 Michelle Pilkington Ireland 2xl
13 Sky Stephens Colorado m
14 Mirjam Kohler Switzerland XL
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Erica Hay Florida L
2 Lisa Ernst New Mexico m
3 Katy Horgan Arizona L
4 Heather Hidalgo Colorado L
5 Megan Zerfas Virginia 4xl
6 Melanie Mellinger Kansas 3xl
7 Courtney McGuire New York 2xl
8 Doreen Hobson Arizona XL
9 Lisa MacDonald Canada L
10 Libby Johnson Virginia L
11 Susan Holland-Keen Australia L
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Wendy McCrea Canada XL
2 Bonnie Hicks Virginia L
3 Manon Bergmann Germany 2xl
4 Edie Lindeburg Colorado s
5 Shaelin Lauderdale Arizona L
6 Willow McCarthy Canada M
7 Petra Muller Germany xl
8 Teresa Terry North Dakota M
9 Sabine Kentenich Germany 4xl
10 Dawn Schull Florida xl
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Terri James South Carolina L
2 Cindy Johnson Colorado m
3 Denise Houseman New Hampshire L
4 Karyn Dallimore Canada XL
5 Pamela Turnbull Canada 2xl
6 Claudia Stickelbrock Germany 2xl
7 Karina Benish California m
8 Sarah Wilson Ohio 2xl
9 Julie Dyer Virginia xl
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Sue Hallen Illinois 2xl
2 Katherine Boeve Michigan 2xl
3 Michelle Crownhart Arizonia L
4 Ruth Welding Illinois m
5 Susan Batman Virginia xl
6 Susan Zemke Minnesota s
7 Karen Stagner Clorado L
Rank Name Home Shirt Size Payment
1 Teresa Nystrom New Mexico M
2 Amy Brush-Cushman Florida m
3 Amanda Micka Mississippi L
4 Melissa Whybrew Indiana m
5 Kathryn Kendall New York m
6 Jeannette Grace California

Athlete Registration

The MWC (Masters World Championships) is an annual amateur competition with the location being determined by application from host organizations of highland games sites across the globe and the locations of the competitions are determined by the SMAI. The MWC competition is open to all athletes over 40 year of age (on the day of the competition) with proper qualification as determined by the SMAI.

Tommy De Bruijn Head Judge
Kevin Rogers Chieftain
Jason O Riain Assistant Director