Historic Data on the first 19 MWC's

This spreadsheet shows some basic information about the first 19 MWC's.  All the historic data will soon be available in a database that will allow users to query all the data for competitions, individuals, and compare marks and performances across classes.

MWC 2021 Roster as of 07/18/21

Here is the roster of athletes as of July 18, 2021.

MWC 2021 Qualifying Marks

These are the qualifying marks used for the 2021 MWC.  The qualifying marks for the 2022 MWC in Moncton, Canada will be updated to reflect the performances this year in Austin. Stay tuned for those marks.  They will be made available as soon as possible after MWC 2021 concludes. 

McConaughey Loves the MWC!

Having some fun trying to get the word out about the 2021 MWC!  Like, follow, share!  Let's see if we can get Texas' favorite Scottish son to come out!   

Progression of Implements for the MWC

Here are the chart and explanations for the new progression of implements for the MWC.

Date and Location of MWC 2021

The 2021 Scottish Highland Games will be at the Austin Celtic Festival in Austin, Texas at the Pioneer Farms historic venue.  

New Director and future of SMAI/MWC

Announcment of the new Director of the Scottish Masters Athletics International and the way ahead for the Masters World Championships.  


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