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Ian Percy


Ian Percy

Greeley, Colorado


Good evening. Here we are in Sunny Scotland! Our sport is so ancient that—like the many myths in Scotland’s mystic past—the origins are shrouded in myth. Was the caber invented to cross rivers, or to get lumber midstream? Or was there some other purpose? Perchance, was the Weight Over Bar invented the same afternoon as single malt scotch?

What we do know is that these ancient games are the historic forerunners of the shot put and wire hammer of our modern Track and Field and Olympic Games.

So with that in mind, let me tell you the story of a young Scottish lad, who grew up running and throwing in the Highland Games. When he immigrated to America, his interest shifted to Track and Field. As he grew, he kept his interest in both games, developing an astonishing mastery and versatility in the throws, with events as diverse as the javelin throw and caber toss. 

As a Master, his mastery has proven even greater. He has continued to compete in both the Five-Event Weight Pentathlon (Hammer, Shot, Discus, Javelin, and Weight Throw) and the Highland Games. He has won numerous titles in both:  a British (2001), Canadian (2003), two US (2004, 2012) and a World Title (2005, in Spain) in the Weight Pentathlon, to go with his two his two world titles in Denver (2010) and Albuquerque (2013) in our sport.

 He is a fine gentleman and gracious competitor. He brings a bottle of single malt scotch to pass around with his fellow competitors at each of our Rocky Mountain games. He is the very best of what it means to be both a Scot and an American……ladies and gentlemen, Ian Percy.


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