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Greg Bradshaw

Greg Bradshaw

Littleton, Colorado

Outstanding Athletics Director and Organizer

Greg Bradshaw’s contribution to the sport as an AD and organizer was, and still is, exceptional.  Greg took over as the Athletic Director for the games in Golden, CO in 1977 when his father became ill.  In 1979, he built the first of several trailers that carried the implements and other necessities required to put on a competition, offering his services at a number of different games.  He was instrumental in founding Rocky Mountain Scottish Athletes, doing whatever it took to help make RMSA the force in Scottish Heavy Athletics that it is today. 

In the early 1980’s, Greg initiated decathlon-style scoring, which permitted Masters athletes of different age groups to compete with one another on a leveled playing field-- and provided a boost to the number of Masters athletes competing in RMSA.  Greg’s system is still used widely throughout the Midwest and Rocky Mountain area, as are the RMSA rules that he codified.

The community of Scottish athletes—especially Master’s athletes—owe Greg a debt of gratitude for his contribution to the sport.


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