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General information and important questions for hosting organizations

Previous MWC events

SMAI Sanctioning Plan for MWC Host Festivals


1.    Provide for year-to-year consistency in MWC events
2     Provide a professional quality event for athletes and spectators
3.    Provide for a good show with entertainment value for spectators
4.   Maximize the benefits to the Festival of hosting the MWC

A.  What SMAI can/will do for the Games/Festival

1)      Publicize the Host Festival to Athletes

      a)      Publish the competition location on masters’ website
b)      Announce via email to all masters’ athletes in our data base (300+)
Publish travel and tourism information about the host location on website
Publish all info about the competition on website
Place athlete’s Entry Form on website
Encourage entry by athletes through multiple emails throughout the year prior to the festival and website entries
Make a strong effort to  fill all classes and maximize the number of athletes entered
Provide a link from masters’ website to host festival website
Help obtain the services of athletes in the Festival’s media events
Provide host’s media person with information about and pictures of entered athletes

2)      Assist the AD and Host Festival in many ways

            a)      Receive all athlete entries and collect entry fees
   b)      Assist in design and purchase of event and participation medals
   c)      Place athletes in proper age classes and determine flights for competition
   d)     Provide computerized scoring program (requires our scorer’s services)
   e)      Provide computer and printer for scoring if necessary
   f)       Assist with schedule of events by flight if needed
   g)      Assist AD with field/event layout if requeste
   h)      Provide flags of all athletes’ nations for display at athletic area
   i)        Provide standard rules for competition if needed
      j)        Provide information on world records for AD and announcer
   k)      Aid in obtaining all needed equipment for athletics
   l)        Check-in athletes prior to competition
   m)    Assist in weigh-in of  U200  athletes
   n)      Pass out t-shirts, gate passes, and any freebies to athletes prior to competition

3)      Amenities

      a)      Provide each athlete with a games patch
      b)      Post results on SMAI website and NASGA site
   c)      Place game’s and athletes’ pictures on website gallery afterwards

B.  Items required of the Games/Festival

1)      Contract:  Games will abide by SMAI requirements as agreed to in the Host Festival Contract

2)      Publicity

      a.       Make a regional effort to publicize the Masters World Championships attraction at their games well in advance of the games
`     b.      Use a variety of media outlets for publicity
   c.       Prominently publicize the athletics within the festival site during the event
   d.      Make every effort to maximize attendance at the games and the athletic venue(s)

3)      Festival and Athletics site

      a.       Place athletics area in a prominent location within the festival grounds
      b.      Provide adequate field space for athletics
      c.   Provide cover for the athletes a locations related to the various competition venues.
      d.   Provide a large secure, covered area where athletes can leave equipment all day
   e.       Athletics area will be attractively decorated with flags and banners to draw spectators to the area (SMAI provides flags of all nations and festival provides poles)
   f.      Field layout condusive to viewing by spectators
   g.       Athletics may be competed in multiple locations if necessary
   h.       Provide a safety barrier to restrain and protect the audience
   i.      Provide covered bleachers adequate for spectators at each venue
   j.      Provide food and drink vendors near athletic area for spectators

4)      Equipment

      a.       Provide all equipment for the contested events with weights certified
   b.      Provide scales for weighing in U200 athletes
   c.       Have sufficient safety cages for hammer/distance events
   d.      Provide electrical power to scorekeeper’s table
   e.       Provide athletics only “porta-potties” for athletes within each athletic area
   f.       Provide an announcer and adequate PA system for each athletic area
   g.      Provide walkie-talkies for use by AD, SMAI personnel and announcer(s)
   h.      Provide tables, chairs and ample canopy/tent areas within athletic area for athletes and scorekeeper
   i.        Provide at least 10 flag poles for nations flags (metal conduit or pvc)

5)      Personnel

     a.       Provide certified judge for each event
Require judges to be kilted during the events
Provide judges with similar shirts for easy identification by athletes and spectators
Provide helpers for judges for marking, measuring, returning hammers and setting up cabers (last two are a must)
Provide unique t-shirts to helpers
Provide scorekeeper, computer and printer for scoring (SMAI can provide these but the host needs to pay her for her services.  She is extremely competent and the scoring program is excellent.)
Provide an experienced announcer who is acquainted with athletics and the athletes

6)      Awards

     a.       Provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals for each event
Provide appropriate awards to World Champion in each age-class
Provide awards for 2nd and 3rd in each age-class 
Provide each participant with a “participation” medal or other similar item so everyone takes home something
Provide a suitable stage for Championship awards ceremony

7)      Athletes

     a.       Provide a games t-shirt for each athlete and require that they be worn during competition so that spectators can easily identify athletes – may be a different color for each class.  Two-day competitions should provide two shirts per athlete.
Provide sport drink and/or water for athletes throughout the day(s) of competition
Provide pre-competition (morning) nourishment such as fruit, juice, etc.
Provide lunch for athletes and officials within the athletic area
Provide snack for athletes in afternoon
Provide gate passes for athletes and their spouses and children, and officials
Assist athletes in transport to the field if needed – buses, parking, etc.
Assist athletes in transport about the field as needed – golf cart to carry equipment from parking or bus area


Contact Kevin Rogers to host MWC.